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Toon Blast Hack 2020 – Cheat Toon Blast for UNLIMITED Coins!

Are you looking for some free coins in Toon Blast? The reason could be any. Whether you are a player who lost his high-level account and just don’t want to start over or you could be someone who wants to get a little help progressing the game. Well, you don’t have to worry. We have a made a perfect tool for toon blast hack to get free coins. Just click on the button below.

Why do you need a toon blast cheats for coins?

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Coins are highly valuable in Toon blast. Many-a-times you would require extra moves in the game to pass and coins can let you buy those. But the thing is, these coins are not so easy to get. The most direct way to get them is to buy them. But many of us don’t want to spend their hard-earned money on buying coins in a game. You could easily spend around a $100 when using coins by buying. That is just too much. This is where the coins hack come into play. It gives you as much coins as you want without spending a single dime.

Why use our hack to get toon blast free coins?

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There are a lot of options out there to get free coins in toon blast. Most of them are a scam where you have to download a toon blast hack APK. An APK not only resets all your progress buy can also be riddled with many viruses that APK may be carrying. Our tool on the other hand is doesn’t need to get in your device and contacts directly with the game servers. This gives you free coins in a completely safe way.

How to use our hack tool?

Just click on the link below and it will take you to our hack page. From there it’s easy.

  1. Type in your username the one you use in the game(if you don’t remember that just type your email ID)
  2. Choose your device type(Android/iOS/PC)
  3. Then click the button below, our tool will establish a connection with your game ID.
  4. After this just select the number of coins you want.
  5. Now to verify that you’re a human and not some bot exploiting our tool. Just download 2 apps in the given list and open it for a few minutes.
  6. Voila, you’re done. Your free coins will be delivered to you.

Tips and Tricks

Apart from using our awesome tool to get coins in toon blast. There are also some tips and tricks that are useful in getting coins. They may not be as useful as just straight up using our tool but can provide you a decent amount of coins whenever needed.

Knowing what’s on the screen is very important. As there are limited moves in the game, you should plan some moves ahead. This gives an advantage and better utilize your moves.

Try looking from the bottom of the screen for combos. Find a combo that when removed reveals your required combo. Always remember, if you merge five cubes, you get a rocket, seven cubes a bomb and nine cubes a disco ball.

The key to winning in Toon Blast is to plan your moves ahead of time. So that you know where you are spending your moves. This prevents you from wasting your limited moves.

Start from the bottom, as new blocks appear from the top it will give you a better insight on new combos.

Use your combos wisely, you can use combos with other combos giving you a huge bonus. Always look for other combos along with the ones you have.

Use Coins, 100 coins can get you 1 life in toon blast. As you can easily get 100 coins from our hack tool, it will help a lot when progressing through the game.

Join a clan, playing alone is no fun. get your friends together and make clan or join an existing one. you will be able to join a clan when you are above level 20. There are a lot of benefits when you join a clan. As clan members can donate lives to you and get coins in return. That way you can get more lives whenever needed. Try joining one with many members.

Toon blast cheats for free coins

There are also some white-hat ways to get free coins in the game. One of these is with the help of your teammates who can donate coins when in a clan. You can also connect your Facebook account with the game account. The game also rewards you with a one time bonus coins when you join a new team. Opening toon chests and star chests also reward you with free coins. Daily logins also give free coins in the game. All these can give you some coins in the game but if you’re lazy like me you should just go for the Toon blast hack that we have developed. It’s totally free, doesn’t change your current progress in the game and even grants you as many coins you want and whenver you want.

How to get Free Lives?

Apart from coins, the other important thing in toon blast is lives. If you lose a certain level in toon blast you will lose one life. To get more lives in toon blast you either have to buy them or join a clan to request lives from other members. You can use coins to get more lives. As our toon blast hack can give you any number of coins whenever needed just use that to get more lives and keep playing.

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