Simcity Buildit Hack - Unlimited SimCash and Simoleons for FREE!

Simcity BuildIt Hack – Unlimited SimCash and Simoleons for FREE!

Finding a working Simcity BuildIt Hack isn’t an easy task but you are lucky to be landing here. We are a team of developers that have worked hard to get this hack up which actually works and gets you Free resources like SimCash and Simoleons that too in UNLIMITED quantity! Time to forget about all the Simcity BuildIt Cheats and get on the hacks bandwagon!

Most of the hack tools on the Internet are either fake or get you banned when using them but what separates us from them is that our hack tool actually works and is not fake and doesn’t get you banned either! We have implemented several security techniques to make sure that you don’t ever get caught using the tool! So, it is time to Hack Simcity BuildIt and become the best of ’em all!

Access Generator now!

Now, before getting started, you must be thinking how can you believe if this tool actually works for Simcity BuildIt and how can you make sure it doesn’t get you banned? Well, check below for proofs of this tool working and read more to know what security tactics we have implemented and how it helps you not get caught.

Image Proofs for Simcity BuildIt Hack

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How Secure is this Online Generator?

We have implemented several techniques to make sure none of the data you enter ever gets to anyone else. No one will know that you used the hack except you only. Following are the things that we have implemented and how they help you not get caught.

  • Encryption – With the help of encryption, the data you enter (your username) gets encrypted, i.e., it gets converted to some random alphanumeric string that makes no sense to humans but only computers and this encryption can not be broken with any algorithm and hence your username is not accessible to anyone except the hack server. Even if someone got access to it, they won’t be able to understand a single thing.
  • Rotating Proxies – Proxies are something that act as a gateway between you and a site and they hide your real IP. For the website, it is not you who’s visiting it. It’s the proxy that is visiting the website. So, by using proxies, your original IP is hidden and for the hack server, it is some random user with some random IP. This makes sure that you never get caught or you identity revealed.
  • Rotating User-agents – User-agents are something that a website uses to determine the device type, operating system, etc of the user but by using random user-agents, the website will always see some random device type and operating system, making sure that your identity is not revealed.
  • Geo Spoofing – Geo Spoofing means spoofing your geo location, i.e., for the server, you will be located in any random city of any random country except your own current country. Suppose you’re in the US, the server will see your location as UK, Canada, or any other country but not the US.

There are several more tactics but these were the main ones that prevent you from getting caught and get resources using our Simcity BuildIt Hack Tool! Now you know how safe this tool is, let’s see how to actually use it.

How to Hack Simcity BuildIt?

It is kinda easy to use the tool to Cheat Simcity BuildIt as the tool is made so easy to use that you can complete it and get free resources just by following the on-screen instructions. We still are providing you with the instructions on how to use the hack tool.

  1. Visit the generator by clicking the button at the top and bottom of this page
  2. Once on the generator page, enter your username and select your device (Android or iOS)
  3. Click Next
  4. Select the resources and their quantity that you require in your account
  5. Make sure the Proxy is set to ON so you don’t get caught using the tool
  6. Click generate and wait for the tool to start

That will be all you have to do to get the hack tool to start working. Once it is done generating the resources, you will have to verify your device by downloading an app which will find the game in your device and add the resources to it. It takes less than 2 minutes and once that it done, you will be able to see the resources in your account!

Wasn’t that easy? Well, I said it is easy af!

Do we need Simcity BuildIt Cheats?

With new updates, all existing cheats and cheat codes have stopped working and the only way to get resources for free is using an online hack tool. What’s better than that? Our Hack tool is the only one that actually works and you are already at the right place so, don’t wait and use our tool for Simcity BuildIt Cheats!

It doesn’t get better than this! It is freely available for now and may stop working when the company patches the exploits. Try it before it’s gone!

Does the Simcity BuildIt Hack work for Android?

Yes, it does work for Android and will always do. Android was our first device on which the hack tool worked and it will always work on it. We have made a general code to exploit one vulnerability to get the resources and hence it will continue working for a long time.

Does it also work for Simcity BuildIt iOS?

Yes, it also works for iOS. After launching it for Android, we got a lot of people who requested it for iOS and so we heard them and started working on exploits for iOS and after some brainstorming and research, we found a way to attack the resources database on iOS and it then worked. It will also continue to work for a long time! So, what are you waiting for? Use the button below and get started!

Access Generator now!

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