Block Strike Hack 2019 - Get 9,99,999 Gold and Money FREE!

Block Strike Hack 2020 – Get 9,99,999 Gold and Money FREE!

If you have been searching for a working Block Strike Hack and haven’t had any luck then this is the right post for you! Internet is one dirty place filled with Fake Hacks and malware but you can trust us in getting what you actually came looking for.

We are a bunch of gamers who play several games and develop hack tools for those games. Recently, we developed a way to Hack Block Strike to get unlimited resources like Gold and Money for FREE! Yeah, you read that right. We have now decided to make it public.

After rigorous testing, we were able to fix all the bugs and we are proud to say that our tool works efficiently. Gone are the days when you have to search for Block Strike Cheats in order to get some resources without spending any money and use those resources to upgrade your characters, items and get better at the game. This is the era of hack tools and we are constantly working on improving what we have and develop new tools for new games.

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For those who are new and aren’t too familiar with the game, here’s a small intro.

About Block Strike

About Block Strike

Block Strike is an online First-Person shooter game (FPS) which involves block(y) characters similar to Minecraft. It’s a real fun game involving 7 different modes ranging from Deathmatch, Hunger Games, Zombie Survival, to Death Run, Gun Game, Bunny Hop, and Surf. All the modes are addictive and we all totally enjoy them. Personally, Deathmatch is more fun to play for me 🙂

There are several skins and stickers for your weapons and characters. These skins can be free or you can purchase them by paying money to buy in-game currency and exchanging it for skins. For that purpose, you can just use our online generator to hack block strike and generate in-game currency for free!

The game has got more than 60 different maps. These maps are of varied sizes. Small maps involve intense fights and large maps involve lots of exploring. The best part about this game is that you can play it with your friends online. The maps are all fun and due to there being 60+ maps, it takes some quality time playing the game to actually see and explore all the maps.

Other than that, there are more than 40 different types of weapons. From SMGs to ARs to Rifles and Sniper Rifles, this game has got it all. You can explore all types of new weapons, get their skins and have fun playing with your friends and winning the battles by getting the best guns one by one.

Image Proofs for the Block Strike Hack

Below are some of the proofs that show you that our tool is real and you can actually generate free resources using it! No Block Strike Cheats were used before taking these screenshots and these were sent to us by the testers AFTER using our hack tool.

Block Strike Hack - Image Proof 1

Image Proof 2 - Hack Block Strike

Image Proof 3 - Block Strike Hack 2019

How to Hack Block Strike?

It is pretty simple to use our tool to hack the game and generate resources for free! All you have to do is follow the instructions given below and get started! You don’t need any Block Strike Mod APK or any sort of modded APKs. Just follow the steps below and use our generator instead.

  • Visit the Generator using the “Access Generator” button at the top or bottom of this page.
  • Wait for the hack to load. Once it has been loaded, enter your in-game username and then select your device.
  • Now, click Next to move on to the next page.
  • Select the resources you require and make sure the Proxy is set to ON.
  • Now, click the Generate button to start the Block Strike Hack.

Once you hit the Generate button, the hacking process will start and within a minute, the resources will flow in your game account!

How Safe is this Hack Tool?

This tool is kinda bulletproof and is 100% Safe and secure. We have implemented several safety techniques like Encryption, IP Spoofing, Proxy, SQL Injection through backdoors, Location spoofing, etc. All in all, you are 100% anonymous.

The information like your in-game username and device is encrypted using SHA-256 and sent over SSL to avoid getting it shared over the network. This way, no one can steal your data or know what your username is. Hence, you can’t get caught using this tool and you will never get banned!

IP Spoofing and Proxy makes sure there is a separate connection between you and the hack tool and between the hack tool and the game’s database. Our tool also spoofs your location so if you are located in the US, the hack tool will show your location as Canada, UK, or any other country randomly. Hence, it gets even harder to track you.

SQL Injection is a technique through which we add the resources to your account table in the game’s database. This will update your previous entries and your account will be filled with Gold and Money for free! Now that you know how safe and secure this tool is, you can go to the Block Strike Hack and start generating resources now!

Do I need Block Strike Cheats?

Cheats are old news and this is the era of online hack tools. You can still find some cheats but most of them won’t work simply because they are outdated. What you can do is just forget about the cheats and focus on the generator. Simply add more gold and money to your Block Strike account by following on-page instructions within a minute!

Those cheats used to get us some skins and resources but now the game has been updated and they have stopped working. All these cheats are nothing but bugs in the game that we exploit but since the game has grown pretty big, the bugs get fixed fast BUT you can always use our generator to Hack Block Strike and still get resources on demand whenever you want.

Block Strike Mod APK

All the Mod APKs available on the Internet are full of malware and as soon as you download them, you get virus on your device. We advise you not to download Modded APKs from the Internet no matter how trusted the source is. You could be getting your data stolen without your permission.

The Mod APKs tend to have modded codes and any programmer can add scripts to steal your data and use it or sell it for money. You don’t want anything like that to happen to you so avoid Block Strike Mod APK even if you find it on some trusted site or your friend gives it to you. Instead of using the Mod APKs, just use our online tool. No Download required and works 100% of the times without getting caught.

Does this Hack tool work for Android?

We initially started with Android hack only. We had a few hundred users for testing. When the hack tool was still in beta and we were working on it, we had a lot of volunteers who wanted to test the tool and get free resources. Once the tool was working fine, we decided to move to other platforms too. So, yes, this tool does work for Android!

What about Block Strike Hack iOS?

Our hack tool also works for iOS! After the completion of the Android tool, we started working on the tool to make sure it worked for iOS too. Now, our tool supports all the platforms where the game is available. You can always comment below to ask if we have updated the Block Strike Cheats tool for other platforms.

So, basically, this was all about the Block Strike and its hack to generate resources like Gold and Money for free to get skins for your weapons and your character without spending any real money on the game. You now know how safe this tool is and how it works, so, what are you waiting for?! Just click the button below and get started. You can also check out our other hacks to see if you can find your favorite games in the list.

Access Generator now!

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