Best Tennis games on mobile

Tennis Champs Returns – Season 3

Android: $3.59 from the Play Store

iPhone: Appstore

Based on an old Amiga game, this option is actually just a bit unlike the remainder on this list in terms of style.  With pixel art from the 90s, it also offers but difficult to perfect.

Featuring a selection and drama match style that nonetheless has some thickness and which provides some area for experimentation and strategy, this is just a solid option for those looking for a little struggle.  Through which to battle, it has a story mode in addition to play options.

Stick Tennis

Android: Play Store

iPhone: App-store

Not Too keen about simulation?  Want a little immediate gratification?  Stick Tennis has your own number.  Together with lightning-quick gameplay, a simple control scheme dedicated to timings rather than positioning and an endearing art mode, it should be near the top of your list if you’re a fan of golfing in any way.

This may have all the thickness of Pong, but it’s at least as addictive.

Virtua Tennis Challenge

Android: Play Store

iPhone: Appstore

Seasoned tennis gamers will without a doubt remember the Virtua Tennis games, released by Sega for various consoles across the 00s.  Featuring quick arcade play, they’re also a mainstay of the genre for a long time – and have made their way to mobile.

Though sporting a slightly ad-heavy version, that is still a well-executed port of a traditional series, offering addictive gameplay, enough challenge without being too difficult and a fantastic selection of different courts and characters to choose from, alongside well-implemented controls.

Ultimate Tennis

Android: Play Store

iPhone: App Store

Rounding out the selection of simulation alternatives would be Ultimate Tennis.  Though this method requires a marginally awkward and leery approach into the fairer s*x (think Dead or Alive), it nonetheless offers some thickness and an engaging controller scheme.

Allowing play to take place one-handed, it focuses on the time in addition to positioning and motivates an individual to choose the initiative in establishing counterclockwise.  With today’s demonstration, this really is really worth a shooter to get the asking price of nothing.

Timber Tennis

Android: Free from the Play Store

iPhone: Free from the App-store

Going down the instant path is Timber Tennis, by Digital Melody.  A name which comes served with a healthy dollop of humor, this sees that the gamer battling against fellow tennis players with balls, fireballs, bombs and more – at a breakneck clip.  Characters from previous games by the programmer make an appearance too, replete with their lumber-related regalia and pixel art stylings.

Played from a top-down perspective and also greater than just a little reminiscent of Pong, that really is wonderful for quick minutes in the bus or differently.

Tennis Manager 2019

Android: Play Store

iPhone: Appstore

Perhaps not interested in instant gratification?  Looking for something a little deeper, which rewards a longer look?  Input Tennis Manager.

Placing up you to guide a beginner player in their way throughout the ranks to make it to the top of the world rankings, this name offers you training your charge to daily basis and micromanaging every part of their presence to make a top gift.

The art style might be described as a bit lacking, however, this is a great choice for those looking for just a small strategy as well as something of a struggle.

3D Tennis

Android: Play Store

Back into the area of simulation, here is another entry which delivers a compelling control set along with interesting visuals and a polished UI.  The key to 3D Tennis is its included physics engine, that is allegedly more advanced compared to rivalry.

This time aside, the game itself is fun and includes both a quick Play’ style for brief spells along with a’World Tour’ manner for people who are searching for just a little more to sink their teeth into.

Flick Tennis

Android: Play Store

iPhone:  App-store

There are occasions when simulation, instant gratification or even management can feel a little bloodless – if what you want to play is something with a little spirit, a little narrative.

Flick Tennis, even though quite easy from a gameplay perspective (the title being very remarkably descriptive in this aspect) supplies a full story mode, together with animations, soundtrack and also a comic book storyline arrangement.  This is just a slightly offbeat entry that’s nonetheless identifying and also worth a look – particularly when you are in an even more laid back state of mind.


Android:  Play Store

Along with being part of their initial’big bang’ of all videogames in the late 70s, Pong is itself a timeless if slightly abstract tennis situation that whose gameplay has more than stood the test of time.

We like this particular variation from CODA Experts specifically as a result of small quality, the speedy load, the most minimalist interface that does not attempt to improve on the initial and the responsive controls.  Being a nostalgia sink or otherwise, this is really a flagpole release for your own tennis/table tennis genre.

Tennis Club Story

From the mobile management genre, few developers have carved this kind of expansive niche as Kairosoft.  Here the prolific game-maker has turned into magic hands to the tennis management genre, so producing a title which can be both addictive and exceptionally charming.

This really is an easy option to sink hours especially when bored on the sail, also is highly worth a look due to its distinctive art style and simple to learn interface.

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